Organic Lot


3 bottles of 500ml of organic EVOO

3 cans of 550gr of olives traditional Mediterranean dressing

1 spray of wine vinegar

1 aove spray



For us it is very important to take care of the planet in which we live. That is why our EVOO with organic certification comes from crops that respect the environment, without the use of pesticides, with a recyclable glass container and paper label. An oil of an unblemished and superior quality.

Also in this lot you will find olives  seasoned in a traditional way, with natural spices, carefully selected, to give you a product like before.

To which we add 2 of our sprays, one of wine vinegar and one of extra virgin olive oil. Their containers are reusable, thus generating the minimum amount of waste.

This batch contains 3 bottles of 500ml of organic EVOO, 3 cans of 550gr of olives traditional Mediterranean dressing, 1 spray of wine vinegar and 1 aove spray.

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Lote Premium + Spray de AOVE, Lote Premium + Spray sabor Limón, Lote Premium + Spray sabor Trufa, Lote Premium + Spray sabor Hierbas Provenzales, Lote Premium + Spray sabor Chile, Lote Premium + Spray sabor Romero, Lote Premium + Spray sabor Pimienta, Lote Premium + Spray sabor Ajo

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Botella de AOVE ecológico 500ml, Botella de AOVE Baena 500ml


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