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  • botella de aceite de olivabotella de aceite de oliva virgen extra

    extra virgin olive oil PDO Baena 250 ml

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  • imagen de botella de aceite de oliva virgen extraaceite de oliva virgen extra en botella de 750ml

    extra virgin olive oil PDO Baena 750 ml

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There is so much effort and dedication on the part of all the actors involved that the result had to be an ELIXIR.

How is it achieved?

The change of paradigm for the producer, from the high production of olive oil to the specialization of quality, has meant a modification of its agricultural agenda, adapting to short periods of time in terms of harvesting, the most optimal according to the criteria of the PDO Council

Aceitunas verdes en rama Noviembre

Manufacturing: Grinding times of less than 24 hours from harvesting, avoiding exposure to solar radiation and moisture throughout the process and cold extraction of the first press is, without a doubt, a commitment to the quality ideal that frame the PDO

Certification, packaging and labeling are always under the supervision of a representative of the AOP, who, after the corresponding verifications, provides the numbered certificates of origin that will be placed on the back of the bottle, certified quality emblem.

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